Are you searching for your leadership mojo?

Stepping into a leadership role is never easy.  Making the transition from technical expert to manager takes courage, self-awareness and skill.

This program will help you uncover your authentic leadership style.  You will learn repeatable processes that will assist you to deliver tangible results.

Are you up for the challenge?

  • You see leadership in your future

  • You need some help to get your mojo back

  • You have a vision for the kind of leader you would like to be

  • You need a path to follow and some help along the way

  • You are prepared to work at it, every week, for 12 weeks

Your leadership development journey starts now

3 learning themes

  • Leadership Fundamentals

    Learn about the art and science of leadership. Discover the wisdom of great leaders and explore your experience. Create your vision.

  • Leading Self

    Build awareness of your unique leadership style. Connect to your innate talents and build goals that reflect who you really are.

  • Leading Others

    Build a high performing team. Learn to give feedback, manage conflict and unlock motivation. Communicate clearly and persuasively.

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working"

- Pablo Picasso

Put in the time. Do the work. You will enjoy the rewards.

The Company We Keep


This course will help you develop your confidence and capability in the area of people leadership.  

Leadership is all about creating the environment for yourself and others to develop and thrive. The fast-paced business environment means that you will constantly be challenged with articulating and reinforcing what really matters.

Explore your 12-week transformation journey...


To learn about the art and science of leadership and establish a vision for the type of leader you aspire to be

  • MODULE 1: Exploring the concept of leadership

    There is a lot of confusion about the very definition of Leadership - even among experts in the field. We will explore the contributions of various well-known leaders and a model for leadership excellence. You will evaluate where you are now in each of the key areas of leadership excellence and begin to consider the transformations you can expect in your journey to leadership.

  • MODULE 2: What is your leadership style?

    There is no one way to lead. To grow as a leader you need to first understand your unique style - what are your preferences and blind spots? How can you raise your self-awareness and establish a baseline from which to grow?

  • MODULE 3: The mindset and vision you need

    Taking on management responsibility can't just mean doing more and more in the same amount of time. To grow into your role as a leader you will need to learn to do things differently. We will explore the mindset of leadership, shifting from the 'reactive' to the 'proactive' and establishing a sense of purpose. You will craft your own personal vision for the leader you will become.

  • MODULE 4: Leading in times of disruption

    VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) - as a model for appreciating the challenges of disruption. We will look at how some well-known leaders faced disruption during their tenure and more importantly, how they prevailed. You will learn about micro and macro strategies of resilience to survive and thrive in difficult times.


To develop an awareness of your individual leadership and communication style and form a vision for your professional future

  • MODULE 5: Manage how you are seen by others

    How aware are you of how others perceive you? Do you really know what people around you think? In this module, you will build your self-awareness and begin to manage the impression you create. You will build a brand for yourself, consider your executive presence and build your confidence for introducing yourself in a range of confronting circumstances.

  • MODULE 6: How aware are you of how others perceive you?

    The ability to make decisions will become critical if you are to be effective as a leader. In this model, we will explore a selected set of decision-making tools and you will have the opportunity to apply them to real-world conundrums.

  • MODULE 7: Communicating with impact & clarity

    Communication is a cornerstone skill of leadership. Your ability to be understood by your team, your peers and your superiors will define your success. In this module, you will learn the basics of clear communication. You will apply a simple structure to bring clarity and impact to your messages.

  • MODULE 8: Power & Influence

    Communication is a cornerstone skill of leadership. Your ability to be understood by your team, your peers and your superiors will define your success. In this module, you will learn the basics of clear communication. You will apply a simple structure to bring clarity and impact to your messages.


Develop the skills and practice the art of giving effective feedback, building your influence and coaching for development.

  • MODULE 9: Building High Performing Teams

    What makes one team dysfunctional and another exceptional? There is more to it than ticking boxes of skill requirements and writing job descriptions. You are responsible for creating the best environment for others to succeed. You will analyze the dynamics of our own team and explore the mystery of motivation.

  • MODULE 10: Providing Effective Feedback

    Effective feedback is timely and clear. Raising the awareness of others as to what they are doing well or could do better, is an important part of your role, yet many leaders avoid these conversations. You will learn a simple system for providing feedback.

  • MODULE 11: Coaching for high performance

    The most successful cultures tend to embrace coaching for high performance. We will explore how coaching is different from other forms of engagement. You will learn and apply the GROW model for great conversations that inspire change and promote personal accountability.

  • MODULE 12: Courageous Conversations

    How do you really feel about confrontation? You will appreciate your natural style and how you react under pressure. Learn the principles of fierce conversations and put your knowledge into action.

  • Where to next? Program wrap up & close

Your Instructor

Monica Lunin

Monica Lunin

Monica wants to live in a world where ideas flow and leaders are brave. As a sought after consultant, facilitator and speaker she has worked with companies like BCG DV, Qantas, EY, AECOM, Macquarie and Sydney University to motivate, inspire and support change. She travels around Australia, through Asia, Europe and North America delivering workshops and speeches. Before becoming a partner at MOJOLOGIC Monica was a senior leader for a major Australian bank.

What's included?

Helping you emerge as the leader you want to be

  • 10+ hours of engaging video training across 12 modules

  • Downloadable worksheets and printables to help you apply the content in your world

  • Additional curated resources to take your learning further

  • Module checklists to help keep you on track

  • Check-in emails to keep you motivated

  • Submit assignment for individual feedback from your instructor

  • Online access from any device, anywhere, anytime

  • PLUS Learning to Lead can be combined with one to one or small group coaching sessions via Zoom

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